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RiftVerse is a new sci-fi drama/action game with deep narrative and story, developed characters, and expansive Universe and Quests to make your Mouth water!

Starring music artist KEXESS as the main character you control, the setting is an alternate Universe called RiftVerse, where exploring on foot, driving, space travel, teleportation, and even Time Travel are possible.

Kexess must look for his missing uncle, but after years of searching and despair – he is ready to cliff jump – with no parachute – when a suicidal robot named KrAzY tells him about secrets of the Universe. Namely, the whole RiftVerse population is being manipulated by the evil GathR – a group that took over as Intergalactic Government – and has made peoples lives poor and miserable.

RIFTVERSE starring (music artist) Kexess

‘Kex’ and KrAzY set out to take down the evil GathR council of 10 over lords, one by one! First, they must find New Identities, and an Intergalactic ship – you control what happens – attempting different ways to take down the evil overlords, while searching for your missing Uncle, and picking up more members of your crew, collecting unique tech gadgets, weapons, vehicles, hacker tools and more to aid in the cause!

The game is like no other game. In RiftVerse you are free to: Quest, Hack, Kill, Rescue, Drive, Fly, Explore, Collect and Sell; even Salvage – Space Junk or Other Useful Items! The more Kreditz (money) you have, the farther you can travel, and more adventures you can attain!

Teleport through HYPRGATEs to other planets, or spend time locally on Aarth (Earth) where there is plenty of fun and trouble to be had!

About RiftVerse:
Developer ‘AlienGangster’ is publishing the game – that’s been in the making for over 6 years (originally for VR), by producer/music artist KEXESS with a micro sized team of usually only 1 or 2 other team members (designers, programmers, and animators) at a time!

The initial planned release will be for PC/Mac some time in 2020, then other platforms – once the project is supported and reaches its Membership Milestones – like SmartPhone and VR.

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Kexess (left) and KrAzY (right) have a chat – while contemplating their lives.
The ‘Death Jump’, overlooking a massive broken ship, where KrAzY and ‘Kex’ first meet.
KrAzYs Ship heads into the HYPRGATE